The History of Winstrol

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What is the best Winstrol Cycle?

Posted by Dr. Carla de Crasis on October 3, 2021 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (3786)

Like all anabolic steroids, winstrol has side effects associated with it. This drug is classified as a Dihydrotestosterone derivative and can be toxic when misused. If you are not careful in the administration of this steroid, there will be side effects to deal with.

Based on information gathered, we can conclude that the best Winstrol Cycle is simply:

-A dose of 50mg every other day for 4 weeks for between 8 and 12 weeks total. If you go past 12 weeks you must increase the dose up to 100mg every other day at least which should get you up to about 16 weeks total use out of the steroid.

-[If oral winny daily instead] run either Dianabol or Anadrol or both instead at 30mg a day for 4 weeks.

-After the first four weeks take a 2 week break from all compounds and then start back up with 100mg every other day of winny. This will be your second half of the Winstrol Cycle where you get to see what it can do on its own, without any other substances in play to distract it for that time period.

-For the suggested length of 8 to 16 weeks this gets you about 14 20ml vials worth of 100mg/ml injectable winstrol which equals 1400 - 2000mg total use over 6 months time which is very low compared to many steroids out there so if cost is not an issue it makes sense since due to the low use and price of winstrol it is actually more cost efficient than many other steroids to run for a longer period of time.

-If injectables are too dear for your budget there is always oral winny but considering the less than impressive results you get from oral in comparison to injectable, its not worth it in my opinion. [Keep in mind that when you take 100mg every other day to keep levels normal that it's 50mg/day equivalent when taken orally.]

-The only thing I would add (if having limited funds and considering this amounts to about 8 weeks worth of 100mg/ml injectable winstrol) is if you cannot really afford the suggested Dianabol or Anadrol, to add in Equipoise at 400mg/week. Thus meaning this would be a 12 week Winstrol Cycle instead of an 8 to 16 week cycle.

-If you are running this for the first time, it's wise to start with 4 weeks worth of 100mg every other day which means you can weigh yourself and assess your appetite daily since many people don't realize how much they eat until they are off winny! By starting low, figuring out your appetite daily, adding in Dianabol or Anadrol during weeks 5 through 8 (or even 9) if needed and then dropping down to 100mg dose every other day again after the first four weeks is over, you will appreciate what this drug does in comparison to any other oral steroids when it comes to hardening.

-When done correctly you can gain 20lbs in 8 weeks but because of the water retention issue with winny, if you are between 180lbs and 200lbs then I suggest NOT going over 20-22lbs since it is not necessary. If however you are under 180lbs then it's wise to be more aggressive due to your bodyweight being easier to maintain higher levels of muscle mass before becoming too shredded. So for those people who are lighter its advised they keep the gain at or below 16 pounds maximum! Any more weight gained means any less ripped you will become so keep this in mind when bulking on winstrol.

-The idea of running this drug for 12 weeks without any other compounds involved besides equipoise is not recommended IMO. If I were to run this 12 week cycle it would be with both Anadrol and Dianabol included in the equation at about 20mg of each for 4 weeks then 40mg/day of each for the next four weeks - because although winstrol does not convert to estrogen directly, it still converts into DHT (the most active form of testosterone) which causes the negative effects like gyno and acne that are associated with heavy use of any form of anabolic steroid.

-A stack similar to this has never let me down but because every single person responds so differently to steroids, its impossible to know how your body will react until you try it yourself. Although this Stack won't work for everyone, those who it does work for will be pleased with the results.

-For the Winstrol only Stack, a half dose of Dianabol or Anadrol is sufficient since there are no other products in play to use up the excess steroid if you take more than your body can handle. So start with 4 weeks worth of 100mg every other day and assess your appetite daily - if your not gaining weight after 3 weeks then bump it up by 50mg each week until you reach a point where you think its maxed out at 200mg/week which most people don't go over this amount but from my own experience from using winstrol I know many guys do go way beyond this without any negative side effects so again, every body is different and responds to the use of steroids in different ways so you will have to take this into consideration when determining how much your body can handle.

-Also please keep in mind, if keeping it simple and only running winstrol or any other oral at that for that matter then all you need is 4 weeks worth of an anti estrogen such as Nolvadex - 10/20mg per day before bed during your cycle and at least 5 days after your last injection! Also since DHT conversion does not occur with winstrol, gyno shouldn't be a problem unless you really overdue the dose - but still should look into having an anti estrogen on hand anyway just to be safe like I mentioned above.

My Personal Winstrol Cycle:

-As for the actual cycle I used, I went with 100mg of winny every other day and 10mg dbol ed (40mg/day total) for 7 weeks and had amazing results - lots of PR's and kept all my weight and even gained a little bit more! Admittedly however, I did not eat quite as clean as I should have but still very good compared to most steroid users who equate eating clean to eating like a bodybuilder which is ridiculous since you don't need 1g protein per pound of bodyweight.

-I continued this same dosage (100mg/week winny & 40mg/day dbol) until week 9 then dropped dbol to 30mg/day for the final week and added in proviron at 50mg/day for 5 days after winstrol was completely out of my system (the reason why I added in proviron was to help suppress some estrogen conversion that occurs with dbol use which would result in gyno) - feel it's necessary to add this last part since so many people have been asking me about running a cycle ending with 100mg/week of proviron instead of an oral such as Anavar.

-If staying lean is not what your interested in doing, then adding in 30mg of Anadrol per day OR 40mg/day Primobolan tabs or even EQ during the final 4 weeks before PCT is a great way to lean out while keeping your strength up - but again if the goal is to lean out then this isn't even necessary since I got amazing results during my cycle without any added Primo or Anadrol.

-Other Options:

The Good Ol' Testosterone Enanthate/Dianabol Stack! Although not as effective as it once was back in the day, its still one of my favorite stacks for cutting weight and hardening up while getting stronger - run it just like I mentioned above for dbol only being careful with water retention however instead of Trenbolone or Masteron use testosterone enanthate at 500mg every week for 4 weeks. Clomid should be sufficient enough for PCT however running HCG throughout will help keep gains up - Just my opinion however if you are looking for more of a lean cut then adding in Anavar or even Primobolan during the last 4 weeks will help keep strength up while leaning out.

I hope this article has helped some of you who have been wondering what kind of Winstrol cycle to run! And just to be clear, its not that I am against running any other form oral winny but rather because the dosage required to have an adequate amount present in your system at all times is beyond what most people can afford. Also since HCG must be used with it, many people cannot afford to use stanozolol due to how expensive HCG is now-a-days - again not trying to discourage anyone from using stanozolol by any means, just trying to point out why I feel Primobolan is the most effective oral in most cases.

-Lastly a word of advice: IF your going to run a cycle with an oral such as this, keep it simple and remember that just because its not injectable doesn't mean you have to go overboard! Follow the guidelines laid out in this article and everything should be fine - if you think about it Winstrol (oral) does nothing more than give you strength and aid in recuperation, its not like it's adding on massive amounts of muscle mass or dropping your body fat through the floor so don't overdo it! Try sticking with 4 weeks worth of injections at 100mg at a time and you should be good to go - if that dosage isn't cutting it for you then bump it up 5mg every week until you get the results your looking for.

-Remember, we aren't bodybuilders here! We don't need to kill our self with steroids and there's no reason why we should so keep it simple and remember, if its getting out of hand or starting to become more of an obsession than something you enjoy doing then stop and reevaluate what your goals are in life, cause this is taking over yours. Remember, life is supposed to be fun not filled with daily dread at the thought of injecting your next steroid!