The History of Winstrol

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Although, Winstrol for sale is a very regular and basic kind of a steroid, still there are certain side effects of which the users should always have the first hand information. 

There are millions of users who have not suffered from any type of side effect of Winstrol, but still this is not enough to be satisfied with. 

Every individual reacts in a different manner than the others do. Winstrol also has the ability to add on to the overall side effects of any steroid cycle.

The most major setback that the users face while using Winstrol is that their liver gets damaged extremely. This basically happens with the intake of pills rather than using the injectables

People who have hereditary liver problem should use Winstrol with utmost care and attention. They should go for regular liver check up. 

Users with permanent liver problems should abstain from taking this steroid as it can create greater risk to their health.

Jaundice, which is caused by liver malfunction, can also be a side effect of Winstrol use. 

Yellowing of skin is a common symptom of the jaundice. It shows that the liver is not filtering the blood in a manner it should do. Jaundice should not be neglected. 

It can create severe damage to the liver as well as lead to the poisoning of the body. The location where the drug is injected can become very sensitive and red. 

It can be very painful to take regular injections at the same place. It is advisable to take injection on the buttocks. By this way the injection can be applied to various locations around the buttocks. 

The best way is to follow a clock-wise order and rotate from one side to another. This will save you from getting injection in the same place frequently. 

One of the Winstrol side effects is baldness in males, but it is very difficult to prove that baldness is alone caused by the use of the steroid Winstrol. 

There can be several factors contributing to it. First are the genes; secondly, the environment around; and thirdly the lifestyle where stress and food habits play an important role. 

It will be wrong to pinpoint at the steroid as the only reason behind hair fall, though it cannot be anyhow denied that steroid is partially responsible in getting bald.

Intake of Winstrol in high amounts can result in acute skin problems like acne. Severe acne problems can be seen all throughout the body. 

For bodybuilders who are trying to achieve a beautiful body, this can be a real setback because it can cause them to look bad. Users have to reduce the dosage of the steroid in order to fight with this particular problem. 

Female users can face certain critical problems while using Winstrol. 

Their voice can become deeper; they can gain weight in unwanted areas; their libido can change; their menstrual cycle can abruptly stop and unwanted hair-growth can be seen all over the body. 

Female users should be aware of such severe effects when they use Winstrol steroid.