The History of Winstrol

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The Key Uses of Winstrol

Winstrol is used for veterinary purposes as well as for bodybuilding. It is one of the most effective substances that build muscle, burn fat or increase power output. This steroid has undergone many modifications to improve its effectiveness and safety.

Winstrol is able to raise nitrogen retention in muscles, which helps maintain proteins more efficiently. The drug also enables the body to absorb more oxygen by reducing red blood cells count, so it stimulates aerobic endurance. As a result of these properties, athletes can train harder before exhaustion sets in. Moreover, it helps them recover more quickly after the workout session.

Winstrol does not convert into estrogen, so it minimizes side effects associated with testosterone suppression such as gynecomastia and water retention. It also reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, the compound raises libido as well as keeps the body from losing its muscle mass during a dieting phase.

Unlike other anabolic steroids that have prominent side effects, Winstrol does not affect liver enzymes significantly so it can be taken safely for a long period of time.

The main problem with this drug is that there are many fake versions on the market. However, it is easy to identify a real version by noticing certain properties of liquid in ampoules.

First, when you keep shaking it quickly after you take hold of an ampoule, white substance settles down at the bottom of the bottle and separates from watery liquid. Second, if you break the ampoule and take a part of it, you will see that white substance has the same milky appearance as contents of whole ampoule.

Another method to test authenticity is by looking at expiration date. Real Winstrol has the guarantee for 8 months after opening an ampoule, according to its manufacturers. Fake versions have much shorter validity periods since they do not contain active substance in proper concentrations.

The final way to tell if your Winstrol is real or fake is by looking for hologram that authentic products must have. If there is no hologram on top of bottle, then it contains low-quality product duplicated illegally. 

As seen in the article " The Key Uses of Winstrol ", there are various ways to detect a real version of the drug. To summarize:

  • 1.) When shaking an ampoule, white substance settles at the bottom and separates from watery liquid.
  • 2.) If you break the ampoule and take part of it, white substance will have milky appearance with contents of whole ampoule .
  • 3.) Authentic substances have 8 months guarantee after opening an ampoule. Fake versions do not contain active substance in proper concentrations and thus expire much sooner.
  • 4.) The key way to tell if your Winstrol is real or fake is by looking for hologram on top of bottle . Without this hologram, you risk buying low-quality product duplicated illegally.
  • 5.) The last tip of identifying a real version is by looking for proper concentrations (i.e., if the active chemical substance (Stanzolo) settles down as a white layer at the bottom).

Therefore, one must remember to always look out for these visual cues of authenticity when buying Winstrol on the market and on any website that offers you this drug. It may be difficult to detect fakes or illegal duplicates initially but with time and practice, anyone will be able to easily tell the difference between the two products!

While many people buy online through various websites, some sites present an easier way than others to identify how authentic your Winstrol really is. For example, a website called offers a way for you to purchase a genuine or "real" version of the product. Looking at their online picture gallery, you can see where they have posted pictures of how real versions of Winstrol look like when in liquid form (i.e., ampoules) and when not in liquid form (i.e., bottles).

They also offer various forms of payment if you are interested in purchasing this drug through them such as credit card payments, bitcoins , bank transfers, money order, and cash payments . Being able to pay in various ways is convenient and can make life easier for consumers who need certain forms of payment over others (e.g., credit cards over personal checks or cash).

No matter what website you choose to buy from, always ensure that the company is reliable by looking for reviews of their service. These reviews are posted online on various review websites such as Yelp! or Google . Always make sure that there are at least some recent reviews before purchasing anything from a certain company.

The market is flooded with fake versions of injectable Winstrol for sale. However, it is not difficult to identify the original version as it has a unique and an uncommon product form. The ampoules contain watery liquid, which has a milky appearance and demonstrates some distinct features. When the ampoule is kept stationary for some time, the active chemical substance (Stanzolo) settles down as a white layer at the bottom of the ampoule and separates from the watery liquid.

In order to test the authenticity, the ampoule is shaken vigorously. Then the active substance dissolves in the watery liquid giving it a milky appearance. Another way of establishing the authenticity of injectable Winstrol is by allowing the liquid to rest for a while. When the chemical settles down at the bottom of the glass bottle, you should find out if the chemical is in the proportion of 50mg per 1ml.

You should never be lured into buying ampoules containing over 1ml of suspension. These are undoubtedly fake as the authentic Winstrol injection is available only in 1ml glass ampoules. The authentic Cambon Company version is available in glass ampoules of Spanish origin. These ampoules are distinctive as they have an abnormally broad belly and a brown colored font. 

It is equally easy to identify the ampoules of Italian origin manufactured by the same company. The fakes are often available in small vials having pierce-able tops with an almost similar broad belly, but the blue font instead of brown gives them away. The Spanish and the Italian versions have inscriptions on the vials that can be felt with your fingers, but cannot be removed with your nails. Fake Winstrol is often available in narrower ampoules.

The Winthrop Company does not any more manufacture Strombayekt in large quantities. Hence, the black market scene in Germany is predominantly marked by Spanish and Italian Winstrol Depot by Cambon.