The History of Winstrol

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The injectable steroid Stanzolo, product name is Winstrol Depot

Injectable steroids are preferred widely because they strain the liver less by preventing the first cleaning effect. This makes its effect better than the oral Winstrol pills. Oral steroids are taken in high amounts initially because they must first enter the digestive tract and then enter the liver where they are sieved by the organ before they assimilate into the main blood flow. It implies that oral doses should be taken once daily and high dosage should be taken in oral form to maintain effective blood flow. 

This is an attribute of any type of oral anabolic steroid. Winstrol Depot is effective in cutting the cycle of the steroid. It is not useful in the bulking cycle. Winstrol Depot promises the achievement of lean and defined look. It is also used to shed the excess fat from the body. 

The main anabolic steroids applied for this process Primobolan and Winstrol Depot. A testosterone-based steroid is usually combined with this cycle. Winstrol Depot aromatizes quickly and creates estrogen. It lessens the need of anti-estrogen. 

The chances of fluid retention are lesser and Winstrol Depot has high protein synthesizing capacity. The user attains a lean, chiseled look if he follows a strict dietary regime before any competition. Winstrol Depot is the right steroid for those athletes who want to achieve stamina and speed. 

Winstrol Depot is not like other anabolic steroids that give a bulking tendency. Instead it gives a lean muscle mass. One major side effect experienced by Winstrol Depot users is joint pains all over the body. If speed is important for the user then he can get a setback while using this steroid because of joint pain. 

For them another anabolic steroid, Primobolan Depot is very effective and advisable. Winstrol Depot does not have to enter into the liver-cleansing phase because it is injected. However, it has 17 alpha-alkylated compounds and so it is hazardous to the liver. In fact Winstrol is the most toxic among anabolic steroids. 

If Winstrol is taken over a period of long time, it can affect the lipids in the body. It has been found that Winstrol is not harmful even if it is taken for a period of 12 weeks. But most athletes restrict their cycles to 6 weeks because of toxicity in the liver and fear of increase in LDL and HDL. Winstrol is quite safe for women. The dose is quite low for women than men. 

Winstrol’s bad symptoms include V-shaped hair loss in males and in females it may result in thinning of hair. Even skin infection like acne on chest and back are common Winstrol side effects. Winstrol has found faithful followers who feel without this, it is impossible to complete the cutting cycle. 

Winstrol for sale online is less costly than its substitutes and if taken in shorter doses, it is very safe and effective. Purchasing Winstrol from a reliable source is very important to gain the maximum effect from the drug.

How To Inject Steroids

Over the years, there has been news regarding the use of steroids by some athletes to have an edge on the competition that they are participating. 

Aside from athletes, some professional body builders are also believed to be using this performance-enhancing drug to strengthen and condition their muscles.Despite the claims that anabolic steroids are bad for the health, individuals still continue to use this drug for multiple purposes. But, what is it in these drugs that keep people from using them? 

Anabolic steroids, which is also called anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), is a kind of synthetic substance that mimics and acts as the male hormone Testosterone called androgens.

They are already being used for medical purposes since 1930s. Back then, steroids are used to treat infectious diseases, hypogonadism, and some cases of impotency. While they are initially developed for men, steroids are already finding their way to become part of the routines of some women.

Learning how to inject steroids is one of the skills that some individuals must master. However, before they engage into steroid injections, it is important that they learn first the benefits and the risks associated with using such drugs.

Benefits of Anabolic Steroids

Helps Increase Muscle and Body Size - Studies reveal that the use of steroids significantly helps in increasing the body size of those who use the drug. These individuals have noticed an improvement in their bicep girth, quadriceps circumference, and body weight.

Helps Improve Muscle Strength - Improving muscle strength is one of the most noted benefits of steroids. 

This can also be the main reason why athletes and body builders use this performance-enhancing drug.

Helps Expedite the Healing Process - There are reported claims that the use of steroids can help expedite the healing process of individuals who experienced injuries.

Helps Improve Stamina - Creates a Sense of Invincibility - Unfortunately, like any other drugs, there is also a risk involve in taking anabolic steroids.

Some individuals may experience tendon problems, nosebleeds, increased heart rate, headaches, and stomach pain. Long-term use of steroids can also trigger stunted growth, heart disease, and hypertension. For these reasons, individuals should be responsible enough to determine the right dosage of steroids that they should take. It is also advisable that they consult their doctors first before using steroids.

Generally, anabolic steroids can be injected or taken orally. Between the two methods, steroids injections are considered to produce less side effects and complications than other forms of this drug. Moreover, steroid injections also enable individuals to deliver high dose of the drug directly to the affected area. To achieve the optimum benefits of steroid injections, individuals must learn how to inject steroids in different parts of the body.

How to Inject Steroids in the Glutes

The glutes or buttocks are the one of the most common areas of the body where anabolic steroids are injected. To inject steroids in this area, individuals should equally divide one of the buttocks into four quadrants. This can help them identify the top outer most part of the glutes that have few blood vessels and nerves.

For those who want to know how to inject steroids in glutes, it is advisable that they use a 21G 1 and 1/2-inch needle especially when they are using an oil-based steroid. They should also make sure that they inject the steroids nice and slow. Another important thing to do is to assure that all steroids injection is direct and deep. 

This is to prevent them experiencing abscess when they injected the steroids under the skin instead of the subcutaneous tissue or the muscles. When injecting steroids in the glutes, individuals should avoid the other areas of the buttocks since there is a possibility that they may hit large nerves or veins. The other quadrants of the glutes are also very sensitive to needle injections.

How to Inject Steroids in the Deltoid

Aside from the glutes, individuals can also inject anabolic steroids in their deltoid. If you want to learn how to inject steroids in the deltoid, the first thing that you have to do is to identify the right areas to inject the drug. Basically, you can inject steroids on 3 deltoid heads including anterior, lateral, and posterior deltoid heads. You can use a 25 gauge, 1-inch long needle for steroid injections in the deltoid. 

You have to make sure that the needle is angled at 90 degrees in the center of the deltoid’s muscle. This can be located around 2 to 4 fingers below the end of the shoulder bone. You just have to inject the steroids in the center of the muscle.

How to Inject Steroids in the Lateral Thigh

The lateral thigh is another part of the body that can be injected with anabolic steroids. In fact, this is the second choice of individuals if for some reasons they cannot inject the drug in the gluteal region. However, they must understand that intramuscular injection can only be performed in the vastus lateralis muscle, considered as the largest area of the quadriceps. 

The injection area is typically located on the front outer area of the thigh, around 1 hand-width under the hip joint and the same width above the knee. It is important that individuals injected the drug in the thick region of the large thigh muscle to make sure that they stay away from the bones.

How to Inject Steroids in the Pectoral Region

Although inexperienced individuals do not consider injecting steroids in the chest or the pectoral region, this part of the body is still a likeable injection area. Individuals need to make sure that they have injected in the deepest and fullest area of the chest. 

They can bring their hands down to make it easier to inject the anabolic steroid. Steroids injection has its own advantages and disadvantages. What’s important is that individuals learn to determine the safest dosage of the anabolic steroids that they can inject and the safest method to do this.

It is also important that they are aware of the necessary preparations that they have to make to assure their safety. Moreover, they should also assure that they know how to inject steroids in different parts of the body. Whatever methods they use, they have to make sure that they practice proper sanitation in all aspects of steroids injection.