The History of Winstrol

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The injectable steroid Stanozolol, product name is Winstrol Depot. Injectable steroids are preferred widely because they strain the liver less by preventing the first cleaning effect. This makes its effect better than the oral Winstrol pills. Oral steroids are taken in high amounts initially because they must first enter the digestive tract and then enter the liver where they are sieved by the organ before they assimilate into the main blood flow. It implies that oral doses should be taken once daily and high dosage should be taken in oral form to maintain effective blood flow. This is an attribute of any type of oral anabolic steroid.

Winstrol Depot is effective in cutting the cycle of the steroid. It is not useful in the bulking cycle. Winstrol Depot promises the achievement of lean and defined look. It is also used to shed the excess fat from the body. The main anabolic steroids applied for this process Primobolan and Winstrol Depot. A testosterone-based steroid is usually combined with this cycle. Winstrol Depot aromatizes quickly and creates estrogen. It lessens the need of anti-estrogen. The chances of fluid retention are lesser and Winstrol Depot has high protein synthesizing capacity. The user attains a lean, chiseled look if he follows a strict dietary regime before any competition.

Winstrol Depot is the right steroid for those athletes who want to achieve stamina and speed. Winstrol Depot is not like other anabolic steroids that give a bulking tendency. Instead it gives a lean muscle mass. One major side effect experienced by Winstrol Depot users is joint pains all over the body. If speed is important for the user then he can get a setback while using this steroid because of joint pain. For them another anabolic steroid, Primobolan Depot is very effective and advisable.

Winstrol Depot does not have to enter into the liver-cleansing phase because it is injected. However, it has 17 alpha-alkylated compounds and so it is hazardous to the liver. In fact Winstrol is the most toxic among anabolic steroids. If Winstrol is taken over a period of long time, it can affect the lipids in the body. It has been found that Winstrol is not harmful even if it is taken for a period of 12 weeks. But most athletes restrict their cycles to 6 weeks because of toxicity in the liver and fear of increase in LDL and HDL.

Winstrol is quite safe for women. The dose is quite low for women than men. Winstrol’s bad symptoms include V-shaped hair loss in males and in females it may result in thinning of hair. Even skin infection like acne on chest and back are common Winstrol side effects. Winstrol has found faithful followers who feel without this, it is impossible to complete the cutting cycle. Winstrol is less costly than its substitutes and if taken in shorter doses, it is very safe and effective. Purchasing Winstrol from a reliable source is very important to gain the maximum effect from the drug.